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GSport Volcano Bolts - 3/8" (pair)

GSport Volcano Bolts - 3/8" (pair)
Brand: GSport
Product Code: GSWH-705-08

The only thing smoother than the 3/8″ UNF bolts that come stock on most of our hubs are the Volcano Bolts that are available separately. These are for pegless riders who don’t need the 17mm wrench flats, and can use just a 6mm allen wrench to tighten up their wheels.

How can it take so long to make a bolt? If we’d been happy for the production ones to be machined from bar stock like the prototypes (and to be similarly expensive) then it would have been a lot quicker, but instead we decided to invest the time and effort to make a forging tool to give the part a better grain structure and to get the price down. So here they finally are.

  • 3/8″ diameter
  • 24 threads per inch
  • 6mm allen key socket
  • 24mm diameter “volcano” head