To say that we’ve been asked about the 2013 line of Sunday completes is a massive understatement.  We’re happy to announce that we can stop giving you tentative dates and start shipping out one of the most anticipated line of complete bikes to ever hit the Canadian BMX market!

This time around, Sunday has grouped their completes into a few different categories:  STARTER, AM, EX, and PRO, plus the Broadcaster, Special, and Plus 4 series of completes!  Each category is designed to cater to riders of all skill levels, and to hold up against the natural progression that comes with BMX.

The Starter Series features quality Odyssey and Sunday parts while maintaining a design geared towards newer riders, regardless of size.  With 16″, 20″, and 20.5″ models, beginners of any height can get into BMX at an affordable price without having to worry about cheap parts of shoddy construction.  Sunday’s Starter Series won’t fall apart when you need it to hold up the most!  Quality, craftsmanship, and affordability…a perfect description of Sunday’s Starter Series.

The Am Series features more affordable versions of the Gary Young and Aaron Ross signature models.  While the Gary Young Am features a longer, well-balanced, perhaps more trail-oriented geometry at 21″, the Aaron Ross Am measures in at 20.5″, catering more toward technical street riders who demand fast responsive movements.  Quality Odyssey and Sunday parts, pro-inspired geometry, and an affordable price makes the Am Series an excellent choice for up-and-coming riders demanding more from their bike.

The Ex Series features pro-inspired models from Gary Young, Aaron Ross, Alex Magallan, and Garrett Reeves.  With input from all four riders, the Ex Series is full of parts and geometry that often mirrors their actual day-to-day setups!  Everything from signature products to favourite products, the Ex Series brings you close to the team’s actual setups without the associated hefty price tag!

The Pro Series takes complete bikes to a new level.  Modelled after the actual setups of Aaron Ross, Gary Young, and Eric Lichtenberger, the Pro Series features the following upgrades from the Ex Series:  Odyssey Thunderbolt cranks, Odyssey Quartet Cassette rear hub 9t, Odyssey Vandero 2 front hub, Odyssey Monolever & EVO II brakes, Odyssey Convertible seat post, rider-specific signature or inspired seat, Sunday Aftermarket seat clamp, full chromoly frame, and more!  You’d be hard-pressed to build a better bike than those found in the Pro Series, so if you’re a rider looking to keep progressing, or a rider who has been riding for years that wants a stable, strong bike, the Sunday Pro Series might be just what you’re looking for!

Also, Sunday is releasing the Jake Seeley Broadcaster bike, a complete bike built around Sunday’s aftermarket Broadcaster frame.  As Sunday says, this bike is rider-tested, rider-approved by Jake Seeley himself.  With a 13″ slammed rear end and 11.5″ bottom bracket height, the Broadcaster frame is going to be extremely responsive and easy to maneuver.  Jake Seeley is known for his technical riding, so if that isn’t indication enough of what this frame was designed for, we don’t know what is.  Get this bike while you still can!

Next up is the Special Series, currently featuring the Soundwave frame.  Improving on the Pro series with an aftermarket Sunday Soundwave Frame, aftermarket Sunday Octave Forks, aftermarket Sunday Tall T bars, Odyssey Lincoln stem, Sunday Yell grips, new Odyssey Aerospace rims, and more, the Soundwave complete is the Michael Jordan of Sunday completes.  Or the Cadillac of Sunday completes.  Whatever the saying that indicates that something is awesome, that’s what the Soundwave Complete is!  Full of Odyssey and Sunday 41-Thermal products, this bike is designed not only for performance, but to hold up against anything that can be throw at it.  Who knows how long this bike will be available at this value?  Act fast!

Finally, the Plus 4 Series is currently featuring the Model C Am, a 24″ BMX cruiser built with BMX geometry.  This isn’t a cruiser bike that’s purely for aesthetics.  The Model C Am is desgined to be ridden like a BMX, as evident in its abundance of Odyssey and Sunday components, often scaled up to a 24″ cruiser size.  Regardless of whether you want this bike to cruise around town, or if you want to shred it like a BMX, this bike will give you what you want.  Tall riders looking for a bigger bike, small riders looking for a challenge, any rider looking for a commuter, and anybody who wants to put a bigger bike through the ringer, this bike is for you, and it will hold up to the abuse we know you want to put it through.

As always, Sunday complete bikes move QUICKLY so do not hesitate.  Sunday outdoes themselves every single year, and this year, they’ve managed to even outdo our expectations.  These are some of the best bikes to ever hit the market, and we want them in YOUR town!  For more information on Sunday products, check out their website here at!