In the wake of the approaching holiday season, we thought we'd give you some insight into what's been going on with various members of the Ryder team.  With contest wins, lots of traveling, sponsor changes, additions to the team, and more, 2010 has been a busy year for the Ryder team!

First of all, our boy Drew Bezanson has been spending time all over the world lately.  While he's planning on chillin' at home in Nova Scotia for the holidays, he's recently been in Puerto Rico, Kuwait, and most recently, he's spent time in Iraq doing shows for the troops.  The trip has been very well received, and from what we've heard from Drew, he's been having a blast entertaining the men and women of the armed forces.

Furthermore, Drew snagged the upcoming RideBMX Magazine cover with an absolutely ridiculous truck driver gap.  Knowing Drew, snagging the cover has to be a dream come true, and he has to be happy with such a wild banger.  Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming magazine because Drew is going to be featured in the cover story….an interview entitled, "Hang On To Your Hat".

In other news, Lee Dennis and Shawn Swain have been spending some time in California, trying to avoid the Canadian winter for as long as the can.  Lee was actually putting in work throughout the fall and managed to film an edit in-and-around the Niagara area.  Big thanks to friend-of-the-Ryder-family Brad Hill for filming and editing the video.  Check it out!

Lee Dennis December Kick Off! from Sunday Bikes

We’re looking forward to another big year, and we’re stoked for all that has happened for the Ryder team in 2010!

M C F U from Lee on Vimeo.

CULTCREW/ shawnswain02 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.