This past weekend, our boy Drew Bezanson was in Talinn, Estonia, for what might end up being known as the most ridiculous contest in BMX history.  Drew took home the gold last year, making a name for himself with some of the most ridiculous tricks of the contest, and kicking of what many referred to as Drew-Thousand-And-Ten.  Drew hit Estonia this weekend on a mission.

Heading into Saturday’s qualifiers, Drew was the final rider to hit the course.  With banger after banger, and an attempt at an absolutely wild back rail icepick, Drew managed to qualify second, only points behind his DK teammate, Brett Banasiewicz.  Drew hit Saturday’s after-parties knowing that he was heading into Sunday’s finals in a heat that included Garett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, and Brett Banasiewicz.

Sunday’s finals featured some of the most mind-blowing tricks ever pulled at a BMX contest.  With a double pendulum, huge flairs, 360 downside tailwhip, 360 whip backwards over the box, icepick to footjam on the huge vert wall, a huge tailwhip drop in from the vert wall into a lower quarter, a tailwhip gap to flat, and after just missing locking into an icepick on the back rail, Drew held on tight and opted to caveman drop from the crazy back-rail.  When it came to final tricks, Drew managed to nail the trick of the contest:  It took a few tries, but Drew managed to fire out a barspin to icepick on the LOWER rail of the back rail.

In the end, everybody knew that it was going to come down to either Drew or Brett.  We’re happy to announce that for a second year in a row, Drew Bezanson is the Simpel Session champion!  Drew Thousand-And-E-Shreddin’ has begun!