Words cannot describe the level of riding that went down at the 2012 Toronto BMX Jam this past weekend, and we’re stoked to announce that our boy Drew proved this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Taking the win in both the pro contest and best trick, Drew dominated the course with the most creative lines of the day, including a barspin gap to wallride to tailwhip, and a spine transfer wallride that is way too hard to even begin to try and explain.

As always, the contest was a huge success! Huge props and thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and everybody else involved in putting together yet another great contest, and for continuing to push Canada’s already flourishing BMX scene! Everybody appreciates your hard work, from the riders all the way up to the industry people!

Check out this video that was shot from the stands for almost of all of Drew’s bangers, as well as some riding from the other participants:http://www.vitalbmx.com/videos/member/Insanity,36250/kylecarlson,363