It's been awhile, but we've got the latest and hottest parts and frames from our friends at Proper.  There's been a huge demand for Proper products this holiday season, so we're happy to announce that we've got their newest products, just in time for Christmas!

Mike Miller's signature frame, the TTL, has been revised and improved!  Made from 4130 chromoly tubing, the TTL features double butted top and down tubes, removable gyro tabs and cable guides, Spanish BB, removable brake mounts, integrated headset, and more.  Available in 20.0", 20.7", and 21.0” top tube sizes, the TTL frame comes in Electric Blue, Flat Raw, or Flat Burgundy, weighing in at only 4lbs, 7oz.

For Proper's self-proclaimed first "street frame", they needed to create something that was simultaneously lightweight and strong enough to hold up to the pressures of street.  They achieved this with the new Proper Brick Sh** House, or BSH for short.  Mountless, tapered Mid BB,  head tube gusset, no tapered tubes, 13.47" slammed rear end, and an availability of 20.6", 20.8", 21.0", or 21.2" top tube sizes makes the BSH an excellent choice for any level of street rider.  Available in Red or Flat Raw, and weighing an average of 5lbs, the BSH should easily live up to the title of "street frame".

Also included in our latest shipment from Proper was a ton of new and existing parts, so be sure to call and check for availability.  For more information about Proper, and for a complete look at all specs and colors, visit Proper's website at !