This past weekend, Nike put on what may be remembered as one of the coolest contests in BMX history. The premise? Nike built a pool-inspired course inside a former Dangenham aquatic centre that is set to be demolished in the very near future. A number of teams were invited to ride the contest, including a team headed by Ryder’s own Drew Bezanson! Drew’s team, consisting of Rob Wise, Michael Beran, and Toronto BMX Jam champion Pat Casey, ended up finishing second in the contest, while Drew managed to hold down the best overall score of the day.

Huge wallride. Courtesy of Nike.

While Drew’s team finished second only to Dennis Enarson’s team, Drew managed to fire out a number of wild moves, including a handplant over the diving board, a 180 indian air over the box jump, and a high-speed gap to wallride in an area that nobody thought to even attempt such a thing.

While the contest has ended, Nike will continue to run “The Pool” until the building is set for demolition in a few weeks. If anybody from the UK reads this, you’re going to want to check it out before The Pool and the building are gone for good!

Check out this video from RideBMX of the Nike Pool finals, featuring a number of bangers from Canada’s own Drew Bezanson!