Whether you’re looking for an entry-level bike without entry-level quality, or a pro-level bike without the assumed pro-level price tag, Subrosa has a bike from you.  From their Tiro series, which has an 18″ option for kids who want to shred, all the way up to their Novus series, a professional level bike with full chromoly frame and butted tubing, Subrosa has something for everybody.  Beginners, intermediate, pro-level, and even those looking for a new fixed gear bike need not look any further than the newest line of Subrosa completes.  High quality parts, high quality materials, and tried-and-tested craftsmanship.

For a full look at everything Subrosa has to offer, including their brand new line of 2013 complete bikes, check out their website at http://subrosabrand.com!