Our warranty covers manufacturing issues; workmanship or material to the original owner with the original purchase receipt. In testing all of our products, long before we go into production of any item, we work hard to produce the best BMX products we can. Denting, bending and breakages are not something we can cover under our warranty but are happy to help replace for a discounted cost. Think about it? If you brought a new car and drove it into a wall, would you be able to return it to dealer? This is why we offer our crash replacement program.

Each item is covered for the following period;

  • Frames – 12 months. Please mail in the warranty card provided to register.
  • Forks – 12 months. Please mail in the warranty card provided to register.
  • Parts and handle bars – 30 days.


  • Warranty can only be claimed if you are the original owner, and proof of purchase MUST be provided.
  • Items replaced for a reduced cost come with a 30 day warranty only.
  • Transportation cost, and labour are not covered by this limited warranty.
  • This warranty will not be effective if the damage is caused by improper use, or the product was not being used under normal riding conditions.
  • Normal riding conditions are defined as using the bike in a manner that is within your own capabilities.
  • This warranty does not cover damage to a product that is caused by an external force, or due to negligent use such as running into immovable objects, bailing or modification with improper tools.
  • This warranty will not be effective if the product has been structurally altered in anyway.
  • We reserve the right to offer to replace a damaged product with one that we feel is a more suitable replacement.
  • This warranty is made by Mutiny Bikes only, no person including the dealer is authorized to make a representation or warranty on behalf of Mutiny Bikes, and Mutiny Bikes assumes no responsibility thereof.